Company History

Redwolf Asylum was formed in 2011 out of a love of graphic design, the arts & the entertainment industry. Its goal has been and will always be to create stunning visual media for clients whether it's a personal or professional project. No area of marketing, branding or public relations should be considered too mundane as to not deserve a well thought out, visually pleasing presentation.

It all started with simple web graphics for small websites and blogs and has grown into so much more including print advertising, brand identity packages, websites and video production. We want to continue this passion, constantly innovating new ways to create and deliver great designs to you, our friends. We feel the future holds so much more and we're happy you'll be there to create it with us.

Creativity   •   Efficiency   •   Innovation   •   Loyalty   •   Passion

To start off, I would like to thank you for visiting and considering Redwolf Asylum. I was fortunate to be introduced to the world of design and web development at a young age, with my natural artistic inclination I knew it would become my career and what I could offer my community and the world.

I formed this company with the mission to create visual media that will enhance my client’s personal and professional lives. For some that is a simple flier to sell a new product or a poster to gain attention to a band’s show. I’ve seen mothers weep at a professionally designed photo album and brides sob over a wedding invitation. Designs can mean many things to many different people but they always deserve to be done right and be done uniquely for you.

To that end Redwolf Asylum was created with five guiding values - To always focus on Creativity, to make sure that each project is suited to the client’s needs and they don’t receive a cheap drag and drop design that will be reused again with someone else. To work as Efficiently as possible ensuring that deadlines are met and clients receive the most bang for their buck. To continually Innovate new & better ways to do what we do. To always be Loyal to our clients, they have become Redwolf family. And finally, to be Passionate about what we do. Every day. Every project.

Myself and anyone employed by Redwolf Asylum will continually strive to uphold these values and deliver a winning product every time. I think the future is bright, and I thank you for being a part of it.


- Damian Fowler
Owner & Lead Designer