Design Services

Business & Print

• Branding and Identity
• Marketing Materials
• Menus
• Forms
• Personalized Invitations & Handouts/Postcards

If you're running a business you want to stand out. From brand identity including logos to marketing materials like brochures, business cards, & posters you need a design that is yours and speaks to your purpose. Never a "cut & paste" template design that causes you to be lost in the crowd.

Likewise if you're a band trying to gain exposure or simply planning a wedding and want to wow your family and friends; don't fall for the promises of "quick and easy" drag and drop options. These can often be frustrating and result in spending too much for too little. Make sure you get it right the first time and hire a professional.
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Web Design

• Custom Designed Websites
• Social Media Graphics
• Advertising
• Photo Manipulations

The internet is a large portion of our lives, it can't be denied. This affect means you need to stay atop your game. A visually stunning website, a beautiful social media presence, & marketing fit for distribution online.
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• Photo Realistic or Vector Art
• Character Design

Whether you're celebrating an event or putting together a team, a great t-shirt design can stand the test of time.
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Special Visual Effects & Digital Film Editing

• 2D Effects Composites
• Digital Film Editing
• Basic 3D Environment Elements (Debris, Vehicles, etc.)

From the humble television commercial that needs blue/green screen editing and flashy graphics to your low budget horror film that needs the cabin to explode and the blood to splat! just right ... we've got you covered.
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Submit your project now and let's realize your vision together!

Your finished designs will be delivered digitally via email (and/or online storage services for larger files). You may receive several versions or file types fit for your special needs.

CMYK is the four color process used by professional printers. If your designs will be printed they are designed with this process in mind to make sure no matter who you decide to do your printing with, you will get a professional looking product. Designs will also be delivered in multiple versions including those with and without crop marks.

While we focus on design work and do not have high capacity printing available in house, we have strong relationships with several businesses in the print industry and would be very happy to help you choose the best solution or simply handle printing for you.

Initial estimates do not include finishing services such as printing, this can be arranged
separately from the design process.