Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the most frequently asked questions. This will be updated occasionally as more questions come in.
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What exactly can you do?
Whether it’s putting together a simple business card, a complete marketing package, building a website or making that explosive scene in your small film look like it came from a blockbuster – Redwolf can help you realize your vision. Take a look around the portfolio for some examples and contact us to get started.

Do you offer printing?
While our focus is on design work and we do not have in house large capacity printing at this time, we do have several partners in the printing industry and can help facilitate your print needs upon request.

What’s with the name?
In trying to form my company I went through no less than thirty ideas for names. I wanted something that was personal and spoke to all the various things I do and types of projects I take on. Eventually I settled on Redwolf Asylum. ‘Redwolf’ is an anagram of my first initial and last name – D Fowler. ‘Asylum’ came about for two reasons – firstly, I like two part production company names (it’s as simple as that) and secondly, where do you house all the crazy stuff I get into? An asylum of course!
– Damian, Owner & Lead Designer

How much do you charge?
That varies widely by project, there are no set rates simply because no two projects are the same. When you contact us for an estimate including important project details we can supply you with that information as well as a timeline fitted to your project.

Do you charge sales tax?
Following Nebraska sales tax law – Sales tax is only assessed when an item is physically distributed. Designs/services that exist only in the digital realm are not subject to tax. For example: If we design a website for you and email the files or upload them directly to your server then you would not be charged tax. However if you requested delivery via USB drive or data disk then taxes would be assessed. Also; any printed items would also require sales tax.

Will you do my project for (favor, credit, etc.)
“You should do it for free, to get your work out there – for portfolio pieces!” Unfortunately we cannot do projects simply as favors or for some type of credit, we like to eat too much.

What’s with all the Superheroes in your work?
During the formative years of both the owner and the company Japanese live action heroes were a huge inspiration, the flashy effects and graphics used in the programming opened the door to design and effects work. This lead to a lot of initial works to be tied to the genre; Toy advertisements, graphics for hero themed blogs, etc.